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Live: September 2007 - January 2008

Build Your Own Brain!
Students learn about the functions in the human brain by building a 3-D brain box or brain hat. Used with the 3-D Interactive Brain.
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Brain Slicing
with MRIs!
Students learn how an MRI creates a picture of the inside of the brain using a clay model which doctors can use to detect the location and shape of tumors.  Used with the 3-D Interactive Brain.
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Test Your Reaction Time
Students learn about how the brain processes information from their surroundings and test how fast their reaction time is.
3-D Interactive Brain
Students learn spatial relationships in the human brain and where its functional regions are with an 3-D interactive computer model.


Cult 3-D plug-in for: Firefox , other

Students explore the main organ systems in their body with interactive animations and games.


Shockwave plug-in

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