Interactive tutorials and hands-on activities for Biology, Medicine, Health, and Humanities

The Virtual Labs Project began in 1998 with funding from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute to create online interactive media which help students learn difficult concepts
in human biology. As part of our outreach and sustainability efforts we teach an interaction design course at Stanford (CS377d), offer student and teacher internships, and lead
workshops (in media development, educational technology, and implementation). This website is in collaboration with other Stanford programs to collect and disseminate our materials to educators and students. The materials on this website is open to use in an educational setting. We welcome new collaborations.

Contact: Cammy Huang, Ph.D. | Director, Wallenberg Global Learning Network |

Virtual Labs human physiology (college) - Units in gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, respiratory, renal and visual systems; cranial nerves
Spanish, Chinese
high school
RTX cooling device and the cardiovascular system
LIFE interactive biology modules

Brain and the Nervous System
visual system and color
cranial nerves with virtual patient simulator
3-D interactive brain (requires Cult 3-D plugin)
Microscopic measurement
Microscope Tutorial (in progress)
Microscope comparison tool
Specimen comparison tool
Urchin anatomy
Fertilization and development
Ocean Acidification
Environmental Science Investigation - Salmon and global warming
VirtualUrchin project website

Citric acid cycle
Genetic drift
Family pedigree
Immune System Module
HIVAIDS statistics around the world- interactive map
Risk behaviors
Pregnancy game
Infectious fluids
Opportunitistic infections
Game and Quiz Frameworks Add your own content to these games and quizzes - contact us.
Jeopardy game - interactive jeopardy board
Survey Says! Family Feud game
Tetris sorting game
Drag and drop matching game
Multiple choice quiz builder
LessonBuilder (prototype) - Build your own annotated lesson
Health education
BAC alcohol simulator
Units in development - sexual education
Hands-on activities
Stanford @ The Tech - genetics content at the Tech Museum
Brain activities - neuroscience at the Tech Museum
Humanities and History
SPICE Interactive - All Silk Road and Beijing Activities
Silk Road
- Interactive maps, sights and music along the Silk Road, timeline
Beijing - History and sights in Beijing
Other modules
Diabetes -in collaboration with UCSF for medical students (published through Creative Commons and MedEdPortal)
10 tips to prevent infection
(for hospital staff and employees)
CS377 projects
Forensic Cases (prototype - Case 6) - university level medical genetics


Collaborations and contributors: WGLN, help4kids, VirtualUrchin, Tech Museum of Innovation, MedFarmDoIT Sweden, LearnAlberta Canada (high school VL), University of Leon Spain (Spanish VL), UCSF.
Sponsors: Howard Hughes (1998-2002, 2003-2007), WGLN (2003-2004, 2007-2008), Symantec Foundation, McKenna Foundation
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